Private Island Ice Cream Catering: Our Specialty!

Orlando's Finest Liquid Nitrogen Ice Cream Caterers

In the summer of 2007 we began making Liquid Nitrogen Ice Cream at our kitchen table. We went on to create Private Island Ice Cream to develop the next generation of liquid nitrogen ice cream and take it from being simply a novelty to being the most luxurious, handcrafted, gourmet ice cream on the planet.  Since then we have served hundreds of thousands of guests at Corporate Events, Weddings, Birthdays, Bar/Bat Mitzvahs, Sweet 16 Parties, Quinceaneras, Graduation Parties, Golf Outings, Charity Fundraisers and more at the finest hotels, resorts and venues in Central Florida and beyond.  


What is liquid nitrogen ice cream?

Liquid Nitrogen Ice Cream is created on the spot, directly in front of the guest.  We start with high quality cream, add the guest's choice of flavors, and then blast it with liquid nitrogen, which causes beautiful billowing clouds of vapor to emanate from the bowl in spectacular fashion!   At -320 degrees Fahrenheit, the liquid nitrogen flash-freezes the ice cream almost instantly, before the ice crystals have the opportunity to grow, creating the creamiest, smoothest ice cream imaginable.

What kind of flavors can Private Island Ice Cream create?

We can create custom ice cream flavors using almost anything you may crave, from the basic standards like Vanilla and Chocolate to adventurous ice creams that include unusual swirl-ins like cayenne pepper or candied bacon or even liquor.  Where other liquid nitrogen makers put the emphasis on the “show,” we also put equal emphasis on high quality flavor.  Not all liquid nitrogen ice creams taste the same, and Private Island's Ice Cream is the finest ice cream experience available anywhere.

What about liquor ice cream?

The only way to truly incorporate liquor into ice cream is using liquid nitrogen.  We have a wide variety of liquor ice creams that we can make for private catering events and we are constantly coming up with new ideas.

My company makes food products, can you make ice cream using our products?

Absolutely, in fact we welcome the challenge!   If you want to make a memorable impact at a trade show or corporate event with your products, Private Island Ice Cream can help you make a huge impact in a spectacular way.

Is your ice cream kosher?

Our cream is kosher, and most of our ingredients are kosher, so we can certainly come up with a delectable menu that will include all kosher ingredients. We've served at many bar/bat mitzvahs with the strictest standards.

Will Private Island Ice Cream perform at Gay weddings?

Of course! Wherever people are gathering for fun, family, and love, Private Island is proud to be there.

What size events can Private Island Ice Cream handle?

Private Island has a very flexible, scalable model and a large staff of experienced ice cream chefs ready to handle events from intimate dinners of just a few people to huge corporate events of thousands.  No event is too big or too small.

My event isn't in Orlando, can Private Island still be there?

Absolutely! Private Island not only goes anywhere in Florida, but is experienced in traveling all over the country. Simply contact us and we'll prepare a quote for your event.

How do I know that Private Island Ice Cream will be right for my event?

Simply ask yourself:  Do I want this event to be special?  If the answer is no, and you just want to have the same boring party that you had the last time and the time before that, then you shouldn't call Private Island Ice Cream.   However, if you want your party to be memorable, exciting and special, then Private Island will do that for you. 


Indian/ Ethnic Weddings and Events


Private Island Ice Cream is extremely experienced in handling Indian events such as weddings, baby showers, birthdays, and holiday celebrations, as well as many other cultures. We have an extensive line-up of traditional Indian flavors which are sure to please every guest at your event, and welcomes the opportunity to customize a menu for your particular culture. If you are planning an Indian event, please don't hesitate to contact us and see what we can do to make your event exciting.

Private Island Ice Cream Sunset Shot

When the sun sets, the Private Island Ice Cream party begins!