Private Island Ice Cream always draws a huge crowd at any Convention or Trade Show

Conventions and Trade shows

Introducing the world's greatest trade show booth attraction!


Companies spend a fortune building beautiful booths to represent their company at conventions and trade shows in Orlando, and then struggle to draw people into their booths to see what they offer. Why? Because everybody else is offering beautifully designed booths as well. So what can you do to attract people to your booth? Private Island Ice Cream is your answer.

When Private Island Ice Cream starts making homemade ice cream in your booth, the noise and vapor will instantly draw people in. Then the crowd will draw even more people. It takes a few minutes to make the ice cream, so while that is happening you can introduce yourself, scan badges, ask questions, etc. Nobody is leaving until they get their ice cream! From the moment Private Island starts to the moment they stop, there will be a continuous line in your booth.

You've spent all that money designing your booth and flying your people in from all over the world to be there. Now you need to draw the customers in. You can spend money on bags, pens, buttons, t-shirts, and all manner of trinkets, but nothing can compete with the kind of draw that Private Island offers. Take the final step and make sure it was all worth the time, trouble, and expense and invest in Private Island to elevate your booth to superstar status.

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