Private Island Ice Cream John Eustace

Educational Demonstrations

Fun! Educational! Yummy!


Since our start in 2007, Private Island Ice Cream has been committed to local schools and we have performed dozens of demonstrations for hundreds of students of all ages about the wonders of liquid nitrogen and cryogenics.  Through a series of fun and exciting experiments (customized to each grade level) we discuss many scientific principles, including:

· States of matter

· Condensation

· Cryogenics

· Boiling point 

· Composition of the atmosphere

· Charles’ Law

· Leidenfrost effect

· The Scientific Method

· History of ice cream

· Ice cream in different cultures

· Cryogenics

· And much more!

Of course, at the end, everybody gets to taste our incredible ice cream, made with liquid nitrogen ice cream before their very eyes!

Private Island offers a very affordable rate to visit your school for Science Night, Festivals, Summer Camps and classroom demonstrations.  Private Island is also a great way for principals to say thank you to their teachers or as a reward for high achieving student groups.